Cory "Looch" Luetjen


Cory is a well versed singer-songwriter and guitarist. Picking up the guitar when he was 15 years old, he got a late start at it. However, by cutting his teeth at local Piedmont North Carolina area blues jams, he quickly gained a vast knowledge of the blues. While in his early & mid 20's, he toured nationally with some country acts, gaining valuable experience in that genre as well. Rounding out his talents on guitar are his ripping slide guitar licks. His exposure to beach music was something that happened while he was a radio DJ at a local station. He is the singer, front man, & songwriter of the Traveling Blues Band.

Jonathan "Toots" Link


Jonathan found his love of music starting in 5th grade and knew starting middle school that he wanted to play saxophone. No one else in his family had been musically inclined. He continued learning, practicing, and playing at every opportunity all through high school, winning several awards in his journey. Jonathan has performed with many top 40 and beach bands on a professional level for all occasions. He is an endorsed artist with REMIC Microphones. Cory and Jonathan met at an open jam one night several years ago. Jonathan had been looking for a band home and found it in Cory Luetjen and The Traveling Blues Band